Tallereando starts

Joselu, a great artist, truly New Renaissance man and exceptional friend, has often told us about his dream of melting spatial perceptions with images and sounds. This idea of making an “a little long” short film, entering into an abandoned house and stealing the essence of the different spaces from a quite minimal point of view, attending to a ultra-condensed narrative, had been going round in his head for a long time already. Probably, this was the spark which kindled Tallereando.

In our meetings, which we held from time to time in Peñafiel, this idea moved to deeper territories, into the dominions of old pieces of machinery, as a huge time travel. “Let´s go to the workshop in my country house sometime, and scavenge the place from top to bottom” he told us some months ago. “Some of the machines and tools are more than 100 year old, we must do something with them“. Sonology in its purest form. “Maybe people will think we are nuts“. We assured him of the contrary.

We put all these ideas in the freezer for some time, but one day we sent Joselu an e-mail from The Hague,  took a plane and met him in Peñafiel with a brand new recording setup, including two cardioid microphones. Going into the workshop with Joselu was like submerging oneself in a labyrinth of sensations, in which you only know how to go in but not how to go out… It was amazing to reflect on the way time passes, but yet having a timeless feeling.

Heavy machinery, work tools, antifreeze liquid, pruning shears, jars full of screws; grinder discs, saw blades, pieces of timber, plastics of any kind, improvised marimbas made of spanners of different sizes, lawnmowers…. our exploratory eagerness was nourished by all these implements, we felt like children: facing new realities every moment.

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