First photographic results

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Last week we discussed the possibility of presenting the project in several venues in The Netherlands.  This is starting to become really interesting creatively. Just a week after our meeting, Ángel starts to plan the sounds, and two days later he decides that the sounds should be something concrete, almost alla Schaeffer. The space, the coordinates, the bon sens… all this is something the project seems to demand by itself.

Ángel sends Joselu a first stereo draft in mp3 format – the original has 4 channels-,  which needs slight volume corrections only. Joselu asks Ángel if he intends to add instruments to the audio. It is then when Ángel realizes about the aesthetic dimensions of the work: the barest, the better. This decision was something we all applauded: the pictures are (if possible) more straightforward than the audio, but also richer. Joselu tells us that the pictures are ready, and sends them via internet.

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At this point, none of us is able to envision the final result combining the pictures with Beatriz´s dynamic videos, Ángel´s immersive four-channel sounds… but this stimulates our imagination even more. One of the ideas was to transport the workshop´s acoustic space into the exhibition space by creating of a sound installation. At the beginning, we planned a separate audio installation with four independent speakers… Later on, Beatriz came up with the idea of using the sound system integrated in the TV screens, something which significantly reduces the amount of devices needed. But then there was the problem of synchronizing audio and video. We did not wish to use laptops or anything which could make the starting up process of the installation difficult. Ángel decides that the sounds should be something eventful, in which the 4 channels interpolate randomly, in a kind of an almost endless sliding composition.

A small sample of the material:

On the other hand, we found the new – and not that new – LCD screens absolutely wonderful,  in the sense that they help us spare many resources. A simple pen-drive containing the video file is enough to say goodbye to cables, DVD players (always unsightly) as well as to an endless number of technical difficulties, including the eventual mechanic mismatch among the different playback devices. Today, almost any flatscreen TV can play video files trough USB. We absolutely love these things:


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