Beatriz closes the loop

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After some weeks, we started to build up a synergy, designing the project texts, falling in love by degrees with the aesthetic while. With every step we give, we start feeling each other’s proximity, and this motivates us even more.

Once the audio is completely finished and the pictures have been determined, Beatriz proceeds to close the creative game: Joselu is the “instrumentalist” of sounds, as well as the photographer who captures the still lifes of the workshop. On the other hand, Ángel´s task consist not only in capturing such sounds, but also in moulding and composing them in time. These sounds are the workshop’s hallmark. But to the listener, sounds draws with them the feeling of the space in which they had been resting previously. Tallereando tries to expose these sounds’ aura: their natural habitat. Also, these sounds are presented in a new exhibition space, which spontaneously synthesizes a new idea of space each time.

Beatriz is the central piece, the keystone: she creates an expressive state in this in-between. She uses the pictures to extract their textures and place them on her own 3D imaginary geometries created with Jitter/OpenGL. These abstractions -she uses to call them “animals” – have their own becoming in time: they move away, grow and rotate; they often present impossible, complex perspectives, change color, tremble, fly, evaporate…. these dynamic capacity of expressing themselves in time evidently relates to a timeline. Space, sound and time unites to provide the installation with a certain floating unreality. The most interesting thing is that this visual reverie come from prosaic elements such as work tools in a workshop.

Static pictures versus the dynamism of video images; real sound space versus restored sound space; images of the sound source, versus the sound source itself… at least three well differentiated axis cross the poetics of Tallereando, in a joint gesture which is at the same time physical and aesthetic, and in which expression means extends generously, in an attitude of giving (themselves) to the others.


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