Possible setups for Tallereando

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Tallereando consists of a series of photographies of different sizes and four flat LCD screens. The photographies are printed on foam core board, and this material makes them very easy to transport and to hang. The screens hang on the wall as well, and together with the photographies they form a set of great plasticity.

There is not a fixed arrangements for the elements of this installation. Ideally, we would prefer a quadrangular space with similar sized walls. The idea is to place the “quadraphonic” sounds played by the screens in such a way that they confront each other, by forming a kind of a plus [+] sign. This arrangement helps to recreate the original acoustic space, however, this is not a strict requirement; rather it would be advisable to disrupt the symmetry between the elements slightly. In order to do this, we play with the composition of pictures and screens, constructing a living whole.

However, the works can be successfully displayed in narrower, rectangular spaces, such as corridors and passages, as well as in other crossing places. Staircases are also a good place to display the works. In this kind of linear spaces (corridors) or twisting spaces (staircases), the encircling acoustics unfold into something rather itinerant, in the first case, and vertical, in the second case.

Depending on the room´s size, it is even possible to hang the works on a single wall, creating a compressed composition which combines photography, audio and image in a  rich, unified conglomerate.

As for the arrangement of the screens on the wall, one should always take into account that (whatever the general setup) they should not be placed close to each other, as this would cancel the sound waves. Ideally, there should be a minimum space between the screen so that there appears an acoustic and visual heterogeneity among the elements.

The use of USB pen-drives significantly simplifies the amount of devices, cables and dockets needed to reproduce the installation. Pen-drives replace conventional DVD-players. Preferably, the walls of the exhibition space should be hollow, so that holes can be drilled in which to hide the the cables and the sockets. The most desirable setup is that in which the screens are fixed of the wall with screws as if they were just another photography. For this reason, it is very important that no cables or sockets can be seen behind the screen.


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