DK qumran

DK qumran is an interdisciplinary audiovisual series of three works created by Ángel Arranz, which combines live visuals, architecture and music. The show consists in a projection of real-time generated visuals and a recital of electronic music [live and fixed media]. The music is played through a set of speakers surrounding the audience. The purpose of this set is to create a feeling of spatiality.

Both video and music are based on the architecture of Bodegas Qumrán [ES]. The winery is located in the prestigious Golden Mile of Ribera del Duero, positioned on a small hill with gentle and sunny slopes called ‘El Cerro de las Bodegas’, surrounded by a vineyard of 4,5 Ha. The building, a work by the Spanish architecture studio Konkrit Blu, is an intimate concrete construction, which successfully combines futuristic design and the tranquil, timeless beauty of Castilian wine landscapes.

Qumran is the first work of this series. This piece for bass saxophone, electronics and live visuals, is dedicated to Josetxo Silguero. Qumran B, for percussion set and electronics -the last of the pieces of the series- is dedicated to Raphaël Simon.The coherence of these disciplines -architecture, live visuals and music- as a concept and as fact related to the ” material”- strives to create a unique experience for the audience: abstract videos created real-time, the spectacularity of the bass saxophone (this being a rare classical/modern instrument), and a detailed PA system surrounding the audience.  


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