Toranj – New Iranian electronic music

Toranj is a recital of acousmatic pieces created by young Iranian composers. The concert gives insight into the excellent moment and the splendid panorama of the electronic music in Iran, a consolidated country with an enormous creative power and sonic imagination.

TORANJ_ENCradle, pass and projection of the oldest civilizations of humanity and diverse ancestral cultures, Iran possesses an artistic and musical tradition deeply rooted and tightly connected to a sort of spirituality, in the visual and sound realms, both of them characterized by the use of filigree, the geometrical virtuosity and the knowledge of space. This emotional approach to sonic phenomena is traceable in Iranian classical and folk music.

porxets_p_b Model (1)The music presented by The DK<projection> in the recital endeavours to make converge contemporaneity and tradition, dealing masterfully with sound through new technologies. With a deep understanding of space and a ductile treatment of sound, the music by these young Iranian authors unites rationality and emotion at sensitive levels, which are difficult to reach by today´s Western composer.

With the inestimable collaboration of the Institute of Sonology The Hague [NL], the premiere of this project will take place within the 10th Mostra Sonora de Sueca, Valencia [ES] 8th of May, 2014 at 20.30 hours, venue Els Porxets – Sara Moret, adress Carrel del Sequial, 1 Sueca, together with three other productions by The DK <projection> from 8th to 11th of May, 2014, respectively: callingHiggs, a flashmob for cell phones, DK <qumran>, multidisciplinary series of pieces based on the avantgarde building Bodegas Qumrán by Konkrit Blu Arquitectura and the concert Institute of Sonology. As a homage to the composer Dick Raaijmakers, this last recital will be conformed by historical and recent pieces by authors from this important European institution.

 You can download the full program, click here.




esquirlas/vacío en Sonology Discussion Concert Series

Esquirlas/vacío recibirá su premiere holandesa esta tarde 17 de abril a las 19.30 horas en la Schoenbergzaal del Koninklijk Conservatorium de La Haya de la mano de la pianista Akane Takada y el compositor Ángel Arranz en las electrónicas en vivo durante el último concierto de la temporada de los Discussion Concert Series del Instituto de Sonología en La Haya. La pieza a su vez fue estrenada en 2013 en el Festival SON organizado por musicadhoy por Akane Takada en La Casa Encendida de Madrid durante el concierto monográfico de Ángel Arranz dedicado a sus series de arquitecturas.


Esquirlas/vacío forma parte, junto con otras dos piezas, del primer ciclo de arquitecturas de Ángel Arranz titulado DK <protos> y basado en aspectos geométricos del diseño del edificio Bodegas Protos. construido por Richard Rogers en Peñafiel. Estas piezas son DK <sin>, para ensemble multi-instrumental variable y electrónica, y Electronic Study, para tape. El ciclo entero fue estrenado en las Bodegas Protos de Peñafiel el pasado 23 de noviembre de 2013, durante el concierto de clausura de Peñafiel Milenio 2013, festival que celebró los Mil Años de la Fundación de la Villa de Peñafiel [1013 – 2013].