Behind every project you have the power of humanity

Without all these people, it would be not been possible at all. Thank you so much!


Would you like to know….

… about wine? Let us introduce you to our expert oenologist, our cat Maia. She will tell you about some of the top-class, incredible wines that The DK projection will be presenting in a FREE WINE TASTING, included in the show next Thrusday March 8th, 19.30 at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag.

The sponsors involved in such an experience [Bodegas Protos, Bodegas Ysios and Bodegas Qumrán], as well as other friend wineries [Marqués de Riscal from La Rioja, and López Cristóbal, from Ribera del Duero] will offer you a sample of their magic, in a combination of music, architecture and digital arts.


It gives us great pleasure to introduce Maia to you. This prettie is our 13 weeks old she-cat. We adopted her from a friend, and after one month with us, we would reckon she has adapted quite well to the new space.

Mevrouw Maia’s name was inspired by the 15M Spanish Revolution -May 15th, 2011-, which more or less was the date she came to us. She is a Bach lover and a gorgeous fan of contemporary music, mechanical-toy mice and fresh ham -surprisely, she hates tuna… seriously-. Between her skills, she is able to hunt and eat flies as while as she dances “moonwalk-ly”, to radar all kind of birds that land close to the windows, move both ears independently and put Banderas-like tender eyes.

If you may wish further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

A hidden poetic space behind electronic branches – Chorro de Luz

I think that it could be a good reason to break these long weeks of intellectual dryness by telling you some really worthwhile news. And that it is not exactly “news”, because it is something that began to work certain time ago. Anyway, for me was a totally illuminated moment when few days ago I found by chance in the Internet Chorro de Luz (something that could be translated as ‘Stream of Light’), a fascinanting broadcasting adventure carried out by the journalist and music critic Ismael G. Cabral based in the city of light, Seville [ES].

Chorro de Luz is an interesting Spanish-spoken showcase, via both radio and blog, on very carefully selected contemporary music with excellent commentaries that invite you once a week to reflect on creation, actuality and diverse artistic approaches around music.