Soundpainting Workshop – León [ES]

EspacioVías organizes the workshop Soundpainting
by Beatriz Franco Mielgo during the 8th and 9th April.
EspacioVías, León [ES]

Soundpainting is a language of signs created at the 80’s by the Newyorker musician Walter Thompson in order to compose pluridisciplinar performances real-time, given that it is oriented to musicians, dancers, actors, poets and/or visual artists.

This language comes up from the idea of conducting and giving form to the improvisation during its execution. The conductor or soundpainter addresses to the artists by means of gestures that mean actions. A soundpainting composition is the result of the comunication of the soundpainter’s signs and the performers’ responses within a live, interactive process.

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The DK<projection> is an independent multi[inter]disciplinary group whose creative stimulus is the use of technology as a vehicle of musical and artistic transformation.

Algorithmic composition, fixed media, live electronics, live video-​performance, video-​installation, sound installation, photography, contemporary dance, documentary film and architecture, are some of the multimedia expressions explored within an organic whole, starting from the reinvention of musical genres that play a role in visual arts, applied technology and sound spatialization.

From now on, in this blog you can find interesting items related with electronic music, computer music, algorithmic composition, references to a variety of sonological subjects, such as architecture and music, literature related to it, articles, interviews, et cetera. Also, this is will be the place in which we will announce our activities and calendar.
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