Isidro Blasco exhibition – Aquí Huidizo – Sala Alcalá 31, Madrid

c/ Alcalá, 31
28014 Madrid
17th March to 16th May, 2010
Tu. to Sa. 11:00 to 20:30
Su. 11:00 to 14:00
free entrance

Unlike the general chaotic mood last days and the collective hysteria by trip colapses, certain news about a threatening volcano incarnated in the god Thor and serious announcements in the meantime of a new crisis originated over the worldwide airplane sector, unlike the trapped feeling of willing to escape the tyrannical permanence of Madrid architecture and the endless sensation of a Europe that suddenly converts into an enormous abstraction surrounded by cumulus of imaginary ashes and distorted hallucinations from the media, we found another more interesting chaos, organic and silent, formed by real memories and pieces of life meticulously (dis)ordered on wooden structures, delicately bent photographic sheets and imaginary streets that at the same time are real, mental territories seen at once. So, it could be defined doubtlessly as a true pleasure. Fiction over fiction equals real, chaos over chaos equals something pretty close to exquisite order.

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The DK<projection> is an independent multi[inter]disciplinary group whose creative stimulus is the use of technology as a vehicle of musical and artistic transformation.

Algorithmic composition, fixed media, live electronics, live video-​performance, video-​installation, sound installation, photography, contemporary dance, documentary film and architecture, are some of the multimedia expressions explored within an organic whole, starting from the reinvention of musical genres that play a role in visual arts, applied technology and sound spatialization.

From now on, in this blog you can find interesting items related with electronic music, computer music, algorithmic composition, references to a variety of sonological subjects, such as architecture and music, literature related to it, articles, interviews, et cetera. Also, this is will be the place in which we will announce our activities and calendar.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy writing it!

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