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Last 29th of August we took part in the Contemporary music series of the Quincena Musica de San Sebastián, together with the saxophone player Josetxo Silguero. This concert centered around the bass saxophone (althought this was not the only representative of the saxophone family), and of course, around electronics and video creation. For us it was an inmense pleasure to work with such a great professional and sound craftsman as the engineer Juanan Ros.

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The DK at Quincena de San Sebastián [ES]

The DK <projection> will perform the work Qumran for bass saxophone, electronics and video, together with the saxophone player Josetxo Silguero next wednesday 29th August in the Kursaal Theater in San Sebastián [ES].

More info at http://www.thedkprojection.com/index.php/news-3/51-the-dk-projection-at-quincena-donostiarra

De la luz y del espacio, world premiere

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Today, December 6th, 19.30 h local time, our new piece De la luz y del espacio will performed in Republic of Korea at Busan International Electronic Music Festival – BIEMF 2011.  This four-channel + video piece will be shown at Haeundae Culture Center of Busan.

The concert has been organized by Busan Electronic Music Association – BEMA.

De la luz y del espacio is the second piece of the series DK<qumran> by Ángel Arranz. The piece is based of the architectural plans of the building Bodegas Qumrán in Spain by Konkrit Blu from Barcelona.

Still images on De la luz y del espacio

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De la luz y del espacio (On light and space) [2011]

Video 13′ 46”
Music by Ángel Arranz

De la luz y del espacio is the fourth and last piece of the series entitled [d]espacio, composed by Ángel Arranz and inspired on four different avant-garde buildings in Spain. De la luz y del espacio is based on Bodegas Qumrán, a work by the architecture studio Konkrit Blu from Barcelona. 
The piece takes as a model the resonances of the real spaces, recorded by the composer self.

To this end, a glass of wine was used as a resonator by introducing inside a small microphone. This noise-silence captured by using naturally amplified resonators was taken as a metaphor of light translated to sound. So do video animations. These are based on the real 3D model of the winery. Few colors were used in order to enhance the quality of shapes, while the duality between light and space is represented with the colors black and white. 

The video was created in close collaboration with the composer, and this made possible a special synergy with the musical discourse.

De la luz y del espacio, 4-channel tape

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In few days it will be occurred the world premiere of our new piece, De la luz y del espacio, in Busan, South Korea. The music has been realized by Ángel Arranz.

About the visual aspect, the piece is inspired on the 3D plans of the building and a series of gestural suggestions, which start from the musical part. About the music, there is a particular idea of approaching the building through capturing the spaces at silence. The composer self told about the techniques were used:


Ángel went around the winery with the aim of crystallize diverse spaces’s resonances. The extracted sounds conformed the main material for the piece De la luz y del espacio, by using filtered sounds of the specific spaces of the building as a metaphor of the light program deployed by the architects through the winery design.


Finishing the filmmaking of the documentary DK qumran

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Yesterday in Peñafiel we just finished the last takes of the production phase of our documentary DK <qumran>. It was the turn of Josetxo Silguero, with whom we realized the recording of Qumran for bass saxophone and electronics.

We have been accompanied again by our co-producer, Séventhe Producciones Audiovisuales y Publicidad. It was a time we really took total advantage of, so at evening late we could celebrate this ending. We have ahead several months of working on post-production, dealing a material certainly impeccable. Congrats to all the collaborators!


Meeting José María Santandreu

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In order to study the premiere of DK<sin> version for clarinet solo, last Sunday we met the clarinetist José María Santandreu in Valencia. This piece is the second of the series of architectures composed by Ángel Arranz, which in turn is based on Bodegas Protos.

José María is a really versatile musician. He did some considerations for me really interesting about the fingering of this version for clarinet, so as he presented to me new ideas of realization at certain passages. It was another pretty productive morning.